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Babel Immigration Law Professional Corporation is engaged exclusively in the practice of immigration law. We provide smart, clear and strategic immigration advice for clients who have chosen to live, work, study and do business in Canada. We also provide support to Canadian citizens who wish to visit or work in the United States.

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Melissa M. Babel

Founder and Principal Lawyer,
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Melissa is recognized as a Certified Specialist in the area of Citizenship and Immigration Law by the Law Society of Ontario. Over the span of her career, Melissa has acquired a unique combination of experience that spans all areas of Canadian Immigration law. As a trusted advisor to Canadian employers and multinational companies, Melissa has provided strategic immigration planning advice for all temporary and permanent residence issues, as well as complex corporate compliance matters. Melissa’s focused, integrated and practical advice to companies in industries as diverse as technology, aerospace, oil and gas, financial services and fintech, mining and energy, project management, engineering, manufacturing and hospitality.

Clarity In Immigration

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Our new immigration levels plan for 2021–2023 sets out a path for responsible increases to the number of immigrants to help the Canadian economy recover from #COVID19 and lay the foundation for future growth. Highlights of the plan include:

• A focus on how immigration can help our economy, with approximately 60 per cent of immigrants to be chosen under economic immigration programs.
• A continued focus on innovative approaches where communities and businesses are encouraged to work together to welcome immigrants in communities across the country to help meet worker shortages.
• A renewed commitment to improve the processing of immigration applications, including spousal applications, by maximizing digital solutions.
• An increase in admissions over the three years of the plan to make up the shortfall in 2020
• Additional points for French-speaking candidates under Express Entry, to promote the growth of Francophone communities outside of Quebec
• A commitment to admit up to 500 refugees over the next 2 years through the Economic Mobility Pathways Project, an innovative approach that helps qualified refugees apply for permanent residence through existing economic immigration pathways
• A pathway to permanent residency for eligible asylum claimants who were working on the front lines of the pandemic between March 13 and August 14, 2020, providing direct care to patients in health-care institutions.

Learn how the immigration levels plan for 2021–2023 will benefit all Canadians:
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