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Babel Immigration Law Professional Corporation in Toronto, is engaged exclusively in the practice of immigration law in Toronto. We provide smart, clear and strategic immigration advice for clients who have chosen to live, work, study and do business in Toronto Canada. We also provide support to Canadian citizens who wish to visit or work in the United States.

Babel Immigration Law in Toronto Helps With

Professionals, business owners, skilled tradespeople and their family members look to Toronto, Canada for opportunities.

The pathway to permanent residency and citizenship can take many different forms. At Babel Immigration Law in Toronto, we are experienced in all categories of permanent residence in Toronto, Canada, and the temporary work options that are sometimes required to support a successful transition to permanent status in this country. Additionally, we can help to support you where the unexpected occurs, and there is some form of inadmissibility (medical, criminal or other). We help with Individual Immigration strategies in Toronto.

Canadian employers, or foreign entities looking to set up business in Toronto, Canada, rely on foreign workers for key professional positions. Finding the right talent is challenging, supporting that person’s entry to Canada should not be a roadblock to business growth.

At Babel Immigration Law in Toronto, we work with employers to set strong immigration policies that support the short- and long-term goals of the organization and the needs of the workforce in Toronto. This requires a keen eye for immigration compliance matters to keep employers audit-ready and ahead of the curve.

We work with employers to set up and maintain the Employer Portal with Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada, and represent employers with respect to all types of temporary work permits. We help with Corporate Immigration in Toronto.

US Work and Visiting for Canadian Citizens in Toronto

We provide a full suite of US immigration services for businesses, individuals and families in Toronto.

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